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What will an Ashiatsu Massage feel like?

Ashiatsu feels similar to traditional massage applied with the hands– but most clients describe it as even more comfortable and incredibly pleasant! The smooth, broad shape and rounded surfaces of the feet deliver soothing, strong and consistent pressure for an exceptionally effective, yet deeply relaxing experience! Although clients are aware the therapist is not using hands, a frequent comment is they forgot or couldn't tell the therapist was using feet!

Do you "walk on my back" or perform "adjustments"?

No, there is no walking involved in Ashiatsu. As with traditional massage your skin will be lubricated so the therapist's feet are gliding along the surface of your body, rather than stepping. Massage therapists are not trained to make spinal adjustments and should never claim to do so. Because of the therapist's leverage and vantage point above your body, Ashiatsu may help to elongate the spinal column, creating space between the vertebral discs. Any "cracking" you may hear should not be construed as an adjustment.

I like deep tissue massage. Is Ashiatsu considered deep tissue?

Ashiatsu is primarily a deep tissue form of massage and clients who typically prefer and are comfortable receiving deep tissue bodywork love Ashiatsu!

I don't like deep pressure. Does Ashiatsu always have to be deep?

No, the pressure of Ashiatsu can be adjusted by a skilled therapist to be anything from a very light touch to very deep, depending on your needs and desires. Ashiatsu is the perfect way to receive a thoroughly relaxing, very light touch massage!

I always need lots of "detail work" - is this possible with Ashiatsu?

Absolutely! An experienced Ashiatsu therapist can do almost all "detail work" with their feet that would normally be done with their hands- in fact, in many areas of the body, the feet are far superior to the hands! Your therapist will use their hands to work areas of the body where the feet would be unsuitable (i.e. face, scalp, abdomen).

Is Ashiatsu for everyone?

With few exceptions- everyone can receive Ashiatsu! It is immensely popular with clients who live a very active lifestyle, but a wide variety of clients of every age and size can benefit from Ashiatsu! As with any bodywork, there are conditions that contraindicate massage (make it inadvisable). When you schedule bodywork, a complete and current health history will reveal any contraindications. Contact me directly for specific concerns or questions: diane@solemeetsbody.com

How will Ashiatsu benefit me?

Ashiatsu can help if you suffer from chronic muscle tension, fatigue or pain, especially back pain. If you have repetitive stress injuries, are recovering from an acute injury and/or have scar tissue and other adhesions causing dysfunction, Ashiatsu is an ideal rehabilitative tool! If you lead an active lifestyle and have an intense training regimen, Ashiatsu is the perfect companion to help restore and recover your body after training! And the state of deep relaxation Ashiatsu promotes can bring much needed stress relief!