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Diane Kurtz LMT (NCBTMB Provider # 1231) has been practicing massage since 2009 and teaching massage since 2014. She has training and practice specialties that include Ashiatsu Massage, Intraoral TMJ Therapy, Cupping Therapy, Post -Surgical Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Diane is passionate about sharing her expertise and inspiring massage therapists to challenge themselves and expand their knowledge! Her goal is for students to have fun while learning -you will hear silly jokes and puns, and share laughs in her classes! Students are encouraged to stay open and receptive, be intuitive, explore and experiment, question anything (and everything!) and share their own unique insights as they are learning. 

Diane recognizes her role as a massage therapist as one of facilitator. She intends her work to support you in self-correction, allowing the brilliant design of the human body to demonstrate its ability to heal itself. Depending on the needs and desires of the client, any and all of her specialty therapies may be a part of your unique massage session!


Wellness at the River in Millerstown, PA is home to Diane's Sole Meets Body studio, where she practices massage and offers yoga and meditation classes, and -Massage CE Central- providing continuing education classes for MTs offered by multiple instructors!